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Our hunger, passion and commitment in providing environmental friendly and technologically advanced products have resulted in heavy investments in modern manufacturing plant backed by state of the art in-house R&D centre ensuring consistent supply of premium products matching the most stringent international standards as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer’s requirements.

Latest technologies, extreme operating conditions, constant emerging environmental regulations, and modern engines are few of many parameters that are kept in mind while developing products.

Stringent adherence to quality process in our plants ensures high standards of lubricants and greases delivered to you each time that exceeds JASO, API and NLGI performance levels worldwide.

Product Information contained in this catalogue provides general description of Mirr Oils, with details of performance standards and typical properties.


“To deliver world-class lubricating solution across all industries and be the partner of choice by supplying innovative products developed in most responsible and sustainable manner”


We aspire to be more than a lubricant manufacturer by providing innovative product and solutions to our customers We are a company where our employees are the most valuable assets, and our success and achievements will always be a byproduct of their satisfaction and happiness We are responsible company focusing on delivering sustainable products that are designed to preserve our only planet