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Benefits of Synthetic Lubricants

In the UAE, for many years German Mirror Lubricants and Greases have helped vehicle owners, construction projects, marine, and more to achieve long-term engine life for their vehicles. Being one of the best lubricant suppliers in UAE, we offer many varieties of formulations including synthetic blends and fully synthetic oils. Learn more about the benefits you can achieve by using synthetic lubricants.

Understand the Use of Synthetic Oils

Lubrication suppliers in UAE offer diverse synthetic oils that contain more highly refined base oils than conventional mineral oils, thus enhancing the protection and performance of vehicles.

Synthetic engine oil offers many benefits to keep the engine running smoothly and in optimal condition.

To know more about synthetic engine oils, let’s understand the origins of engine oil. Generally, there are three basic types of lubricants available in the market.

  1. A traditional type which is the conventional mineral oil.
  2.  A blend of conventional and synthetic types.
  3. Full synthetic lubricants are highly recommended by automobile engine manufacturers.

All synthetic oil types are made from crude oil which is accumulated from the ground. However, the main difference is that synthetic oil is made up of advanced refining processes and promotes higher purity and quality than traditional conventional mineral oils.

During the refining process, it not only minimises the impurities from crude oil but also facilitates the individual molecules in the oil to cater to the needs of modern automobile engines. Hence, these customised molecules offer a high level of protection and performance.

The performance of synthetic oil is more robust, particularly in the context of low-temperature and high-temperature stability, alongside offering protection against deposits.

Major Benefits of Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Excellent Low-Temperature Flow Performance

Synthetic lubricants can reduce internal friction that may lead to an outstanding flow of characteristics especially at low temperatures.

Viscosity Stability

Using synthetic oils helps to transfer a higher viscosity index to a more stable viscosity at different temperature ranges. Apart from the outstanding low-temperature performance, synthetic oil at high temperatures resists thinning. Therefore, synthetic lubricants can offer exceptional protection in a different range of operating temperatures.

Enhanced Oxidation and Thermal Stability

Buying synthetic oil from top-rated lubrication manufacturers and suppliers in UAE enhances oxidation stability and thermal stability rather than using conventional oils. Also, the result of synthetic oils with less viscosity with age and better deposit control is more efficient than conventional oils. Less oil changes and lower downtime will save money and time for end users.

Exceptional Wear Protection

New automobile engines must be capable of handling extreme temperatures and high RPM. Synthetic engine oils are used to withstand these adverse effects in operating conditions. Using such oils offers the best protection for a vehicle with extended oil drain intervals. Choosing trusted lubrication suppliers in UAE like German Mirror Lubricants and Greases offer excellent performance and better wear protection.