Automatic Cloud Point & Pour Point System Cloud point and pour point are indicators of the lowest temperature of utility for petroleum products.Read More

Density Meter The DDM 2911 and DDM 2910 Density Meters have the features to meet the needs of todays chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical & beverage industries.Read More

Flash Point Instrument Flash Point Instrument conforms to ASTM D92 and realted specification. Flash point operations between ambident and 400%.Read More

Foaming Characteristics Apparatus Foaming of lubricating oils in applications involving turbulence, high speed gearing or high volume pumping can cause inadequate lubrication, cavitation, overflow and premature oxidation. Read More

Rust Preventing Characteristics Oil Bath Determines a lubricant's ability to prevent rusting of metal surfaces. Suitable for steam turbine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and other types of inhibited mineral oils.Read More

TBN Titrator TBN Determination is one of the most frequently performed analysis in petrochemical laboratoris around the world.Read More

Tintometer The Tintometer Limited is at the forefront of technical innovation for the colour measurement of liquids and solids.Read More

Water Separability Tester The ability of a lubricating oil to separate from water and resist emulsification is an important performance characteristic for applications involving water contamination and turbulence.Read More

Quality Standards

Our four year strategic plan, launched in 2010, aims to drive the company’s revenues to CHF 8 billion by 2014. Our core service activities cover all industry sectors and touch the products and services that consumers around the world rely on every day.

Our robust technology, knowledge-based approach and dedication to quality and safety allow us to provide innovative solutions to every part of the oil and gas industry. Our services throughout both the upstream and downstream sectors enrich each stage of the value chain and impact on everything from transport fuel and heating products to plastics, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. Our growing global network of offices and laboratories offers an independent service focused on responding to customer needs and delivering competitive advantage.


All product are supported by comprehensive Technical Data Sheets which are available on request. All MSDSs and product labels will be amended as appropriate to comply with future CLP/GHS and REACH legislation.


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  • German Mirror Lubricants & Greases Co. is manufacturer of lubricant and greases started in year 2000, and our main factory is covering area of 15000 sq.meter.
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