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ALUPLEX Aluminium Complex Grease

Ultra-high quality and long-lasting lubricating grease formulated from highly refined mineral base oil, shear-stable aluminum complex thickener and advanced additive packages for ultimate performance. It is designed to provide excellent water repellency, thermal and oxidation stability and to withstand the effects of continuously extended high load, hot, wet and dusty operating conditions.

Superior water repellent properties that withstand exposure to water washout, spray-off, steam and other cleaning agents
Long lasting whilst still maintaining its grade
Outstanding thermal and mechanical stability
Robust anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties
Excellent metal adhesiveness
Ultimate lubrication and protection in a wide range of operating environments i.e. cold, hot, dusty, wet etc.
Excellent reversibility characteristics
Excellent pumpability, making it suitable for centralised lubricating systems

Important Notice!

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