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Quenchol 100

Quenchol 100 is a premium quality high-viscosity, long life oil designed specifically for marquenching. It is formulated from highly refined base oil fortfied with special additives to meet the exacting requirements of heat-treating oils.

It has the high flash point required in high temperature protected-atmosphere systems and has excellent oxidation stability which is required in unprotected systems (exposed to atmosphere). It has unusually fast quenching speeds thus parts quenched in it will attain the same hardness as comparable parts quenched in conventional oils at much lower emperatures. It is possible to take full advantage of the minimum distortion feature of marquenching without loss of hardness.

Lower fuel costs, lower drag-out losses and reduced clean-up costs due to excellent oxidation stability
Less frequent replacement than conventional oils Non-corrosive to steel
Residues can be easily removed from quenched parts with only a mild alkali wash
High flash point minimises smoking and improves working conditions

Important Notice!

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