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Sail Marinol TBN-50 - Marine Oil

Ultimate performance, extra-high quality and very high alkaline crankcase diesel engine oil, designed for high output low and medium speed residual-fueled, trunk-piston engines in marine and stationary applications. It is blended from ultra-refined high viscosity index virgin base fluids and additive packages that provide excellent alkalinity, optimum protection against wear, corrosion, oxidation and sludge formation in high load and high temperature operating conditions.

Superior anti-wear properties for prolonged engine and component life
Excellent alkaline reserve and retention for protection against rust and corrosion caused by acidity
Maximum engine output and fuel effcient lubricant
Outstanding control against sludge and other deposit build-up in critical engine parts such as pistons, piston rings, ring grooves, under piston spaces and in cylinder ports
Active detergency resulting in cleaner engine and components
Compatible with heavy fuel operated engines, providing protection and neutralising acids caused by high sulphur content
Excellent high temperature performance
Superior water separation properties

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