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Turbo Supreme - Fully Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Turbo supreme Is a low SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, and Sulfur) ultimate heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated from synthetic base fluids and innovative additive systems. It is designed to meet the demands of heavy duty diesel engines equipped for exhaust gases after treatment technology, ensuring complete compliance with current and future emission requirements. It provides superior engine protection against wear, robust deposit control, longer drain interval and guarantees optimum performance in the most severe driving conditions. It meets or exceeds a broad range of global industry and manufacturer specifications.

Extended engine life through ultimate protection from wear and engine breakdown under severe operating conditions
Prevents the formation of sludge, dirt and other deposit in the engine through continuous active cleansing
Extended drain interval while maintaining its grade Superior fuel economy
Optimum soot handling and wear control under excessive soot loading

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