Oil condition monitoring test programs help clients measure engine oils, lubricating oils and other fluids for detection of lubricant engine wear and other problems that lead to costly engine failures. Oil condition monitoring services protects client's high value engines and systems and reduce expensive downtime.

The OCM oil condition monitoring laboratory use spectrometry, viscosity, dilution, water detection, acid number, base number, to accureately test lubricant oil samples.

Oils and lubricants tested:

  • Air compressor fluids
  • Gas-motor, compressor fluids.
  • Refrigeration compressor fluids
  • Electrical oils
  • Diesel engine lubricants
  • Power generator lubricants.
  • Petrol, gasoline engine fluids
  • Gearbox oils
  • Heat treatment fluids, heat transfer fluids.
  • Hydraulic oils.
  • Turbine steam, gas fluids
  • Transformer oil testing.

Oil condition tests offer:

  • Contamination and dispersancy in used diesel crankcase lubricating oils.
  • Water content in fuels and oils
  • Engine wear debris in marine lubrcants
  • Insolubles content in industrial lubricants and engine lubricants used in marine non-engine applications
  • Additive elements.
  • Wear metals testing.
  • Contaminants in new and used lubricating oils
  • Insolubles, water and oxidation in used lubricating oils.
  • Insolubles in used marine lubricating oils
  • Flash Point of used marine diesel oils

Toll Blending Services

German Mirror Lubricants & Greases Co. Provide blending services for the formula you supply and to your specifications. In addition to working with a qualified, ethical staff and production crew, we routinely sign confidentiality agreements with all our toll blending customers to ensure proprietary information remains secured. German Mirror Lubricants will assist in improving customer formulas or develop new ones to meet our customers need. Every batch of product is tested in our quality control laboratory for relevant physical, chemical or functional properties. We work in tandem with our clients on all aspects of sheduling and production to pinpoint and avoid potential issues early on and to ensure that each project is trouble-free.

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