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Gearbox Oil

Reasons Why Gearbox Oils Are Essential

The gear system in every car usually engages with metal-on-metal contact which causes wear and tear. Gear oil protects the system’s moving parts and reduces friction while transferring the heat away from them. Periodic change of the car’s gear oil from top oil lubricant companies in UAE like German Mirrors Lubricants and Greases is a necessary maintenance that extends the car’s life and prevents costly repairs.

What is the Purpose of Using Gear Oil?

As a lubricant, it is designed to be used in transmissions, manual gearboxes, differentials, transaxles, and transfer cases in different types of vehicles. Gear oil ensures smooth transmission and protects key internal parts in the car’s gearbox, especially from heat damage.

Inadequate lubrication results in corrosion, scuffing, and pitting of crucial drivetrain parts. This deterioration adversely impacts your vehicle’s performance and eventually leads to costly maintenance. Remember, gear oil and motor oil are not exactly the same and they are not even interchangeable. Gear oil is specially formulated to be used only on gears and motor oils are for motors.

How to Ensure Which Gear Oil to Use?

Gear system specifications may vary in different automobiles so you need to check the owner’s manual before choosing any oil type. Using the wrong gear oil results in poor performance and can cause damage to the internal parts. So, make sure that you use the right oil type recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

The American Petroleum Institute grades gear oils by considering their overall performance. GL-4 and GL-5 graded oils are commonly available on the market and the vast majority of cars need GL-4 gear oil.  Additionally, heavy-duty automobiles such as trucks or sports cars usually require GL-5 gear oil.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Gear Oil?

If you do not change the gear oil based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, it may risk severe damage to the transmission and other gear parts. This results in repairing or replacing parts on transmission at a substantial cost.

Gear oil deteriorates over time and manual transmission or other gear system function with metal-on-metal contact. The natural friction may grind the moving parts and tiny metal particles eventually accumulate in the oil. This gradually affects the quality of the oil lubricant and if the oil is not replaced periodically, it will shorten the life span of the transmission.

What Indicators Suggest That Gear Oil Needs Replacement?

You need to pay more attention to the way transmission feels when you shift gears. Does it slip or thump? Sometimes a strange burning smell or grinding sounds may arise which is also a sign indicating that you need to change your gear oil. Check if there are any leaks as they can show contaminated oil. If you find the oil dark or gritty, then it is time to replace the oil. Ultimately, the check engine light on the dashboard is also a sign that indicates some components in the hood need immediate attention.

Now you may have some clear understanding regarding the importance of gear oil. German Mirror Lubricants and Greases is one of the leading oil lubricant companies in UAE, buy gear oils from us and ensure your vehicle performs efficiently all year round.